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Current Fuel Surcharge Rate for June 2018: 10.5%


Previous rates:

May 2018: 9.5%

April 2018: 9.0%

March 2018: 9.0%

February 2018: 9.5%

January 2018: 9.0%

December 2017: 9.0%

November 2017: 8.5%

October 2017: 8.0%

September 2015: 8.0%

August 2017: 8.0%

July 2017: 8.0%

June 2017: 8.0%

May 2017: 8.5% 

April 2017: 8.5%

March 2017: 6.5%

February 2017: 6.5%

January 2017: 6.0% 

December 2016: 5.5%

November 2016: 5.5% 

October 2016: 5.5%

September 2016: 5.5%

August 2016: 5.5%

July 2016: 5.5%


All rates are based on that of UPS Standard and are available to be viewed on the UPS website

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Check back here regularly to find out what's going on at Advance Sales Services UK Ltd, Including our latest news on Cremated Remains Transport Services.

National Funeral Exhibition 2015


Are you aware of the charity Pace4Life and the good work they perform?

We at Cremated Remains Transport Services have been supporting Pace4Life since 2013 and have been collecting used pacemakers from numerous Funeral Directors up and down the country. These are delivered to a central location, sterilised and re-used for the benefits of the families and patients in developing countries around the world.

Thousands of Pacemakers are sat in boxes in Funeral Directors gathering dust right across the country. Pacemakers are designed to be single use and EU rules mean they cannot be re-used in Europe. However, the UK Charity Pace4Lifeworking in conjunction with the University of Michigan are collecting these devices alongside the National Society of Independant & Allied Funeral Directors (SAIF) for re-use with patients in developing countries.

Balasundaran Lavan said speaking to BBC Breakfast; "We're taking consent forms, we are getting patients or family members to donate these simple little devices. Clean them, test them and if they're fit for human re-use with 70% battery life or more we are getting them re-sterilised and looking to get them implanted in the developing world"

The find out more about Pace4Life and how you can help in this worthwhile cause, please visit and give them a follow on twitter:
Should you wish to proceed, simply drop us an e-mail, you can just reply to this one if you like, stating you require a pacemaker collection with your pick up address and we will send you a bar-coded label and book one of our carriers to come and collect from you. All this is done for a nominal fee of just £10+VAT to cover the postage.

Cremated Remains Transport Services - An Update

Firstly, we must thank all our customers for their support by continually utilising our services when the need arises to ship cremated remains either in the UK or overseas.
Below is a transcript of a recent editorial from the February edition of 'Funeral Directors Times' which we feel says it all.

It has been over a year since our last news-letter. It has been a long year of discussion, negotiation and argument with Airlines, courier companies and formal communications with I.A.T.A. (International Air Transport Association) getting the message across that according to international law and EU directives regarding the free movement of cremated remains. Participating Haig Convention and EU state members 'Are to let duly authorised cremated remains to pass without let or hindrance. Just like Her Majesty's statement in the front of your passport

We have a service to ship cremated remains so look no further to support your bereaved clients to fulfil their final wishes.

We are still shipping to UK Mainland addresses (Bar Highlands & islands) for £79.20 inclusive of VAT.



Editorial in February Edition of Funeral Service Times

Fuel Surcharge Update

As of January 2015, all fuel surcharges will now be applied in line with that of UPS on thier Standard service. These are reviewed monthly and can be found on the left hand side of our website. Alternatively, the UPS website has a more comprehensive view of fuel surcharge including costs of barrels which determins the percentage applicable.

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