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Sending Ashes Abroad? Thinking of having the Cremated Remains of your loved ones repatriated? At Cremated Remains Transport Services, we offer the shipping of ashes within the UK and also specialise in transporting ashes overseas.


Our services include UK Same Day, Next day and an economical 3-5 day. Import & Export, Air Freight and an accompanied service option.


We believe we offer an ethical pricing policy. Competitive prices and empathetic services specialising in the transport of cremated remains.


As you may or may not be aware, sending cremated remains in the post is not possible since The Royal Mail made Human Ashes a prohibited item in their network in April 2014. Our carriers will transport cremated remains through their network, and for piece of mind our prices are inclusive of our limit of liability (Details can be found on our terms and conditions). If you wish to utilise a same day dedicated vehicle for the transportation, we can obtain a competetive quote for you. 


During our 23 year establishment, we have found that with our guidance the whole process and the documentation required can be relatively simple.


We will send you specific packaging guidelines which will ensure remains are kept as safe as possible during transit and arrive at the destination signed for, intact and undamaged. (During the coronavirus pandemic deliveries are being made contact free therefore signatures are not being taken)

As we specialise in repatriating cremated remains, we believe we have the best expertise when is comes to transporting Ashes. For example, some companies insist on the same lengthy paperwork and regualtions for cremated remains as there is for the repatriation of bodies. Our familiarity with these regulations allows us to keep the costs well below that of a body repatriation.


As a Father and Son business we feel we have the appropriate knowledge and focus for your needs, and to ease any burden or stress through the process. If you require repatriation of bodies we can point you in the direction of our preferred service partner.

Advance Sales Services UK Ltd, Cremated Remains Transport Services is an associate member of The Society of Allied & Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF).


They are a professional body that regulate the integrity of those that deal in the funeral industry amongst Independant Funeral Directors.


We take great pride in being associated with this fantastic organisation.

Pricing Examples

Cremated Remains Shipments sent within England and Wales are from £80.00+VAT with Scotland and offshore Islands from £125.00+VAT


Sending Ashes within the EU? Air Freight or Personalised Hand Courier service available (NB Personaled Hand Courier service unavailable though the Coronavirus Pandemic) Prices start at £600.00.


Cremated Remains sent to the rest of the world are transported via Air Freight and are usually delivered to the nearest International Airport only. We have experience in Repatriating Ashes to USA, Canada and Australia from £695.00, and repatriating ashes from Australia to UK from £725.00. Other countries are also available with Prices on Application.

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